Wool For Every Day

Championing wool as the natural fibre for today - every day.

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Our Mission

Wool for Every Day is a wool education and wool product curation-review platform, the passion project of a wool industry professional. Simply put, we are on a mission to highlight products made from wool and that wool is the natural fibre for today's world, every day.

About Us

Samantha Wan

Founder & Wool Tragic (in the best way)

Samantha Wan is passionate about the natural fibre that is wool. She is the recipient of industry recognised wool awards and an Australian wool industry professional, who takes great joy in learning about and sharing the amazing products wool can be made into and educating against the stigma of wearing wool.

This self-proclaimed wool version of a bowerbird has a soft spot for quirky collectables and this will be home to wool-themed accessories she has designed or thinks are too good not to share!